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Corrosion Coupon & Corrosion Probe

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Product introduction

Corrosion Text & Sampling System

Corrosion Coupon

Corrosion coupon assembly is a corrosion detection device and is one of the methods for the study of corrosion and its effects. Corrosion Coupon is relatively small, easily inserted and retrieved by  or corrosion coupon with built-in retriever. Using Corrosion Coupon Assembly is an economical means of determining cause and effect of corrosion.

The types of Corrosion Coupon are strip and disc, with corresponding Strip Coupon Holders and Disc Coupon Holders.

Corrosion Probe

Hydrogen probes detect hydrogen gas by the hydrogen pressure increase produced in an seal space in steel, i.e. the same mechanism as hydrogen blistering. The pressure build-up is directly proportional to the amount of infiltrate of atomic hydrogen, which can be determined by relationship of the ideal gas law.