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Pipeline Cleaning Pig

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Product introduction

It is applied to pigging before production, cleaning the stones, wood bars and other matters left in the pipeline.

Work process

Taking the Pipeline Cleaning Pig outside diameter as the reference, the smaller diameter is the front and the bigger one is at the back. The out range of the pipeline cleaning pig and the pipe inter wall are flexibly sealed, putting pipeline cleaning pig in the front edge of pipe will work for or in the pig launcher. Taking air, liquid or the medium that transmitted by the pipe as the driven force, pushing pipeline cleaning pig ahead in the pipeline(also called pipe) to the other end of the pipeline or collector.

Product Features

The pipeline cleaning pig adoption of the New-High resistance to wear Polyurethane has the features of good wearing resistance, strong passing ability, good cleaning performance, accurate locating and trailing, low wrong reporting rate and etc.


1.Minimum elbow radius range(mm): minimum elbow radius DN50:8DN、DN65:4DN、DN80~DN100:2.5DN, above DN150:1.5DN (DN--pipeline nominal diameter).

2.For nominal diameter DN50~DN100, 2 leather cups are used, related parameters see type II in table 1.

Illustration :

Pipeline elbow, applicable medium requires the same as digital pipeline cleaning pig, related parameters see table 2.