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Pass indicator

The ball pass indicator, which is used to determine whether the pigging passes or arrives, is usually placed at the transmitter and receiver ends of the boiler and is placed in the key position on the pipe line.

Advantages of the EMT pass indicator

There are three ways to connect:
1, 2 "welding base, that is Nipple; code N;
2 and 2 flanges, Flange, code F,
3, 2 "welding base turn NPT, that is R2Adjustable, code R2AJ.
There are three trigger options:
1, two-way, that is, Bi-dierctional; code B, you can omit;
2, two-way feather type is bi-directional Feather, code F;
3, one-way, that is, Uni-directional, codenamed U.
There are three types of displays (outputs) available:
1, flag display, manual reset: Code B
2, flag combination switch output, manual reset: Code C
3, digital, date, time display, combined with switch output, automatic reset: Code D;

The EMT pass indicator makes the pigging easier and more efficient.

The EMT series of invasive ball pass indicators are installed on the pigging transmitter and receiver station to confirm the launch or arrival of the pipe cleaner. They can also be installed on any part of the pipe and detect the passage of all types of pipe cleaner. We have the ball invasive indicator device using magnetic system unique to prevent fluid exchange is blocked, therefore, it can eliminate the dynamic seal leakage risk, but also improve the instrument trigger flexibility, reducing maintenance cost, and easy to install into the line. There is interaction between the flag and the trigger mechanism, so that the flexibility of the trigger mechanism can be checked on-line.